Mid South Baking Company

How hard can it be to make a hamburger bun?  How about making over 3.8 million of them a day?  Then delivering all of them?  Well, it takes the combined effort of the latest baking technology and quality employees who are dedicated to producing quality products and delivering quality service.  It also takes an organization that is not content to be solely a supplier of hamburger buns, but works hard to be an integral partner with its customers.  It takes an organization who evaluates the most efficient methods to order, produce, distribute, and utilize its products so that the end user, the customer buying a hamburger, receives the freshest, highest quality product available.  We are Mid South Baking Company.

Our Promise

"The promise of quality, the promise of food safety, or the promise of service I believe starts at the top and that starts with me. That starts with

Our Products

Mid South Baking Company currently produces regular hamburger, quarter pounder, Big Mac, Bakery Style, Angus and McRib buns as well as


At MidSouth Baking Company, we believe sustainability is not the responsibility of a select few. We want all employees to make sustainability