At Mid South Baking Company, we believe sustainability is not the responsibility of a select few. We want all employees to make sustainability part of their daily work and lives.



Employee Success – Healthy and long careers.
Partner Relationships - Long lasting relationships.
Community Strength - Making a difference and staying connected with our communities.

Environmental Stewardship – Environmentally Responsible.

Sustainable, predictable returns.
Continuous Improvement




Our Goals and Vision for Sustainability are:


Employee success:  Creating long and healthy careers for our employees.

People are one of our Plan to Win Pillars and the strengths of our people are directly related to the success of our Company.  We have and will continue to invest in our People through targeted training programs to build and improve individual competencies and organizational strength. Our training programs are on-going and continually evolving to meet our strategies to “develop well aligned and informed leaders.”  Our goal is to be the “employer of choice” for all employees.


    •    Success of our Company is based on the Strength of our People.
    •    We will invest in training programs, developing needed skills.
    •    Training will be on-going and continually adapting to the evolving needs of our Company, our People and our Customers.
    •    We will strive to develop leaders from within and to create long-term careers.
    •    We will engage our employees to create a culture that fosters open communication and encourages continuous improvement.


Partner Relations:  Developing long lasting relationships.

We believe building long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers are equally important.  We desire to move beyond the traditional supplier relationships to provide System Leadership in developing and executing initiatives that truly provide a competitive advantage.


    •    We will strive to develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
    •    We believe our customers, suppliers and employees are vital to our overall Sustainability success
    •    We will follow a strict code of conduct respecting our people, customers, suppliers and our planet.


Community:  Making a difference and staying connected with our communities.

Encouraging, but not requiring, employees to give back by volunteering within the communities in which they live and work.


    •    We are committed to contributing to the improvement of all communities that we operate in.
    •    We will promote and participate in philanthropic initiatives and promote volunteerism with all employees by offering incentives to participate in volunteer activities.


Environmental Stewardship:  Become an environmentally responsible company.

Our success as an organization is directly linked to the health of our planet and its resources.  We have a vision of becoming an environmentally responsible company whose activities have a positive impact on the health of the planet.  We will use Sustainability to engage all of our employees and will develop cross-functional teams in all departments with the focus on eliminating or reducing waste in all forms.


    •    We will understand the impact of our actions on the health of the environment and continually work to reduce these impacts


Sustainable/Predictable Returns:  

We want to be recognized as a System Leader that drives Sustainable well-being and we believe that by doing what is right by our People, Planet, Customers and Suppliers; predictable and sustainable returns will be generated.  Our commitment in this area will not only reduce our environmental impact but also produce cost savings.


    •    By putting Sustainability at the forefront; doing the right things for the right reasons, we will positively impact all stakeholders in our organization in a wide variety of ways.


Continuous Improvement

We will continue investing in our people and processes; focusing on innovation, departmental management, cost control, productivity and asset utilization.


 •    Our commitment to continuous improvement will not only reduce our environmental impact but also produce cost mitigation and savings.




Plan – Do – Study – Act


“Don’t just make a difference, feel the difference you make”